High Speed, Computer Controlled, Bar Tacking Sewing Machine

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Through the use of Innovation, Automation and Technology the SAHL brand is synonymous with the best Industrial Sewing Machines and Attachments available Worldwide.
We listen to what you want and will provide professional advice and guidance. By working together we will help to identify the ideal solution to your request.
If you want to reduce your Carbon Footprint talk to SAHL.

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We are firm believers of the STAND UP SEWING – JUST IN TIME (JIT) concept. Our highly trained Technical staff with their hands-on approach and partnership mindset can also help solve production issues, look at ways to reduce manufacturing costs as well as reduce raw material consumption, wherever possible.
If for whatever reason we cannot help you today, we will part as friends ready to try and help you tomorrow.
Stand-Up Sewing - Just In Time (JIT) - Tall Stand with Single Pedal System

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Using Automation and Cutting-Edge Technology as well as our Industry Expertise, we strive to provide the best possible service while looking to forge on-going, long-term relationships with you, our client.
If you want expert Technical support and the best High-Performance equipment to help you achieve a profitable solution, then you have come to the right place.

Bags - Belts - Bras - Briefs - Coats - Dresses - Gloves - Jackets - Jeans - Leather Goods - Luggage - Shirts (Casual, Dress, Polo, Tee) - Sports Equipment - Swimwear - Trousers - Workwear

– – – the list is endless – – –

With so many options to choose from regarding machine(s) and/or accessories, make sure you arrange to have someone contact you for a preliminary and unbiased conversation to help identify the best possible solution related to your requirements.