Bias Folding and Selvedge Stitching Machine

This fully automatic machine is the auxiliary equipment for processing a variable degree of bias, turning a normal roll of fabric onto the Bias.

The sensors automatically align the edges of the fabric which is then folded in half through the folding bracket and automatically stitched and cut via the stitching machine.
The rate of distortion in twill angle is reduced and the seams are extremely accurate.
The electronic display measure and automatic sensors built into the machine greatly enhance the production efficiency and yield.

This machine is applicable to the straight and angle cutting of strips of different widths of fabric such as garment, jeans, mesh, acetate, reflecting materials, umbrella processing, tarpaulin fabrics, handbag making and more.

Model No. – Sahl-SSPS-317-2
Cloth Width – 1800mm
Rotation Speed of Motor – 2800rpm (Stepless speed variation)
Power Supply/Voltage – 220v
Power – 0.4kw
Dimension (Length * Width * Height) – The machine has two parts
Part 1 – 1600*1550*1500mm
Part 2 – 2000*800*1530mm