Automatic Strip Cutting Machine/CNC (Computer Numeric Cutting) Machine

The bias fabric roll is put onto the automatic strip cutting machine and is cut into the desired width, ready for use in the client sewing room.

Microcomputer programmed data input. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) ensuring high reliability control and ease of programming. Easy to use visual interface operation.
Data program control.
Servo motor drive ensuring precise positioning, high precision cutting and accurate sizing.
The same cloth axis can be cut into TEN different sizes set at the same time through the touch screen to complete the work in one go without shutdown.
Electronic monitoring of blade cutting, cutting in and out speed arbitrary electronic adjustment and electronic cutter spindle adoption.
Electronic monitoring of hand-integrated sharpening machine. Grinding can be done without disassembly. Long lasting blades for best cutting results.
Multi-language operation interface.
Environmental extraction system to remove the dust generated during the cutting process, keeping the cloth and track clean.

This machine is applicable to garment accessories, processing of leather and more which have different widths of strips and ways of cutting such as straight cutting and oblique cutting.

Model No. – Sahl-SSQG-923-2
Maximum Width of Cloth Cutting – 1800mm
Maximum Diameter of Clamped Object – 300mm
Power Supply – 220v/380v
Power – 2.5kw
Machine Dimension (Length * Width * Height) – 2950*1100*1500mm
Weight -800kg