Straight/Twill Cloth Rolling Machine

This is a supporting machine to the bias folding and selvedge stitching machine.
The fabric is rolled onto this machine before being moved to the cutting machine.

This machine is applicable for various cloths with different angles such as garment fabrics, non-woven cloth, leather, reflecting materials, cap material and more, which have different widths of strips and ways of rewind such as straight rewind and oblique rewind.
Automatic folding and aligning of material.
Stepless speed variation of cloth rolling.
Controllable cloth tension and flatness according to the types of cloth.
Angle of adjustment device, the angle fabric can be adjusted between 6 degrees and 70 degrees.
Electronic meter/yardage counter for accurate control of rolled length or pre-setting of required length.
Angle adjustment device adopts dial method.
Easy to operate and understand.
This machine is applicable to accessories processing such as bra, garment making, umbrella trimming, home textile and more.

Model No. – Sahl-SSJB-203
Maximum Operation Cloth Width – 1800mm
Maximum Roll Diameter – 400mm
Power Supply – 220v/380v
Machine Dimension (Length * Width * Height) – 2400*1100*1650mm